amortise (Brit.) v. settle a debt through periodic payments to a creditor or to a sinking fund; pay off a debt gradually, become depreciated (also amortize)

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Amortising swap — is usually an interest rate swap in which the notional principal for the interest payments declines during the life of the swap, perhaps at a rate tied to the prepayment of a mortgage or to an interest rate benchmark such as the London interbank… …   Wikipedia

  • non-amortising — /nɒn əˈmɔtaɪzɪŋ/ (say non uh mawtuyzing) adjective not amortising. Also, non amortizing …  

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  • amortise — (v.) British English spelling of AMORTIZE (Cf. amortize); for suffix, see IZE (Cf. ize). Related: Amortised; amortising …   Etymology dictionary

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  • закладная “воздушный шар” — Закладная (Mortgage). по которой основная сумма долга и часть процентов не погашаются до окончания срока ее действия; такую закладную называют также “неамортизационной” закладной (non amortising mortgage). По условиям закладной “воздушный шар” в… …   Справочник технического переводчика

  • amortise — [am′ər tīz΄, ə môr′tīz΄] vt. amortised, amortising chiefly Brit. sp. of AMORTIZE …   English World dictionary

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